Don’t you just love those moments you go to do some basic every day task – like brush your teeth – and say whoops, where did all my tooth powder (or toothpaste) go?!?!?!?!!

Time to get creative. Now plenty of times I have grabbed some just plain old nasty baking soda to get the job done that day. But why not have more fun. And besides, I am a firm believer on a restorative and re-mineralizing tooth powder (and here is why). And a new recipe was born out of what I had on hand- so far I love it though now that I have started I will probably tweak it in future to incorporate ingredients I didn’t have readily available.

The Recipe (these amounts were not exact):

3 tablespoons baking powder
1 tablespoon diatomaceous earth (great source of silica!) source (make sure you use food grade, and a little goes a long way!)
Pinch of sea salt
2-3 drops of clove essential oil
1-2 drops of peppermint oil
20-40 drops of trace minerals (here will be my main future change, to add something with calcium)

Mix thoroughly until all the liquid components fully disperse into the powder and you are left with a dry powder.

I put it in the empty bottle my store-bought tooth powder came in!


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