Now to wait!

So my soaked then sprouted buckwheat groats (See Day 1&2 and Day 3) were ready to roast. Instructions were to roast at 250*F for 2.5 – 3 hours. For me that was challenging as my ugly cheap propane oven does not regulate it’s temperature at all. AT ALL. As in, it is either blasting on and gets up over 400*F or is off. No matter where you put the dial, it just stays on full flame until you turn it to off again. So hubs and I decided to finally get an oven thermometer like this one and manually turned the oven on and off to keep it as close to 250*F as we could. Let them roast. Then used a water filled tequila bottle as rolling pin to crack the grains. (Aren’t we creative!)


Next step after cleaning and sanitizing our carboy was to mash the buckwheat. It was…. unique. The buckwheat seems to burn much more easily than other grains I’ve mashed before, and it was verrrry gluey. No matter how long we strained it, it held on to a lot of water, and made a very cloudy wort. This kit for a pale ale was way too hops deficient for our taste, so we upped it slightly and in the end used: 1oz Columbus (bittering), 1oz ea Cascade & New Zealand Maetuka (flavor), and 1oz German Perle (aroma).  At only 4oz of hops – it will be pretty mild for our taste, but should be pleasant.

After pulling a sample of the completed and chilled wort to get an OG (original gravity) for – we did a taste test. True to its mere 1.03 OG – it tastes a bit watery, but surprisingly good bitterness and hops flavor.


Pitched a dry yeast, and yay! It was already bubbling the next morning! (see how cloudy it is?)

We look forward to trying it out in a couple weeks. In the mean time – I am going to try to invent my own recipe for spent buckwheat cookies!! If anyone has any experience or suggestions on that, please share! Thoughts are spinning to use some oat flour with the spent buckwheat to make a relative of an oatmeal cookie…….


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