Essential oils are all over the web these days. I’ve heard about them for years. I read about the debates of which brands and producers of essential oils are best. This is not that, it will never be that. This is simply me and a new experiment.

I have dabbled at using tea tree oil in the past for treating wounds, or adding to laundry soap and things like that – but never took it any further. I mean after all – what could just breathing in some nice smells do? And besides that – the hubs has a pretty extreme nose and a dislike for many essential oils. He cringes whenever I come in smelling of tea tree or anything like that. SIDE NOTE: I adore just a drop or two of tea tree oil in coconut oil liberally applied to prevent or heal heat rash and chaffing…..

So what changed and what am I doing with it? A friend of ours woke up one day and overnight had a golf ball sized lump appear on his thyroid. Races to the doctor of course. After however many scans and tests he got the all clear but was basically told he would just have to live with it because to remove it was too dangerous to be worth it and there is nothing else you can do. Enter lemongrass essential oil.

EXTRA DISCLAIMER – I have zero zip zilch proof that his use of lemongrass essential oil in any way shape or form affected the outcome of this story. But I am choosing personally to explore the possible non coincidence of his use of essential oils in conjunction with the disappearance of this lump.

The lump, which was clearly visible on his throat, shrunk away within several days of use topically (as well as orally more on that later) of lemongrass essential oil.

A couple weeks later another friend who also had good results, drew my curiosity to the use of essential oils in this experiment (see Resources). I am choosing to use a certain brand for my personal experiment for a few reasons.

  1. Convenience factor – because of having personal friends who already use it, it made getting started easy.
  2. Financial reasons – One of the main reasons in the past I never really looked into essential oils for my family’s medicine cabinet was the cost. Whether I ever were to make any money or not by sharing my experiences with others, at the very least their prices are in line with many top quality essential oil brands. And with the rewards program as a wellness advocate – Over time I will if nothing else I will save money by having what essentially ends up being buy one get one free next time – at wholesale prices.
  3. One and two are plenty.

Bottom line if you are interested in trying essential oils, do your research into what brand you want to use. I found this series of articles from whole new mom to be very informative. If you DO happen to enjoy my blog, I appreciate if you chose to support my blog by buying them online through the link on my Resources page. Check out the discount and rewards programs – $25/year will get you a 15% discount and $35/year gets you 25% off (wholesale prices) and you earn dollar for dollar rewards on most products. View it as another job and you can earn 25% commission on others purchases through you.

So what about me? Skeptics may question the usefulness or legitimacy of the Zyto Scanner – but I must admit the recommendations it gave me when I got scanned for the first time PEGGED a lot of my concerns. I’ll be keeping you updated on my experiences. I plan to use the oils only diluted topically and aromatically for now. While many do use certain oils internally, I greatly appreciate the words of caution and also suggestions if you do chose to use them internally found here.

It will be a while before I can get started on my experiment with essential oils. But in a few weeks I will be receiving my first order which will include: Rosemary, Geranium, Lemongrass, Women’s blend, these 4 items are specifically for me. Then I will also be getting Grounding blend, Calming blend, and trying a sample of an essential oil based muscle rub.

I’ll let you know how it goes! I look forward to eventually having a full assortment in my family’s medicine cabinet for whatever life throws at us that we can take care of naturally and at home.


1. I am not a medical professional, any information contained within this website should not be used as medical advice.
2. Some links contained within this website are to affiliate websites and I may receive compensation for your following these links. (I sure hope I do cuz I wanna keep blogging!)
3. All information and product recommendations are based on my own research, bias, and personal experience.