Yesterday I told you about the first step in my very first try at malting my own buckwheat for gluten free homebrew. This morning I drained and rinsed the buckwheat groats, and spread them out on baking sheets. I used parchment paper on the sheets, and then covered the groats in paper towels to keep dust/flies etc off the sprouting berries:


Normally this is my favorite parchment paper: If You Care – But today all I had available was some standard white bleached paper.

You have to put it in a dark and cool place. Hopefully we don’t have any heat waves but I at least have it in a dark place. As seen in the top picture above, I placed the 3 baking sheets with soaked buckwheat groats into the top shelf of my pantry, where normally I keep my baking dishes. The groats should have little sprout tails within 24 hours, and be done sprouting after 48.

To review:

Step 1 – Soak grains in filtered water for 48 hours, changing water every 8-12 hours.
Step 2 – Drain, rinse, and spread grains out over flat surface, place in dark cool place for 48 hours.
Step 3 – Roast the grains – coming up next!

As a side note, I am currently using this countertop Pur filter for all my cooking/brewing/drinking water – what do you use for your drinking water? Let me know in your comments!



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