We have a great local brewing supply store here in Santa Cruz County! (see Resources) Several months ago the Hubs and I went in eager to try out one of their fully gluten free kits. At the same time we also bought whatever kit was the “Monthly Special” which is always a great deal, along with some Clarity Ferm. Clarity Ferm is awesome, as a previous hophead beer addict, when I went gluten free I was afraid I might never taste a variety of delicious brews again. So right away we brewed our monthly special kit, adding our own touches of extra hops of course…. And it was SO DELICIOUS. I plan to experiment more with the use of this in the future. I am determined to find a way to be able to someday again drink a deep dark delicious overly hopped imperial stout once again… Generally speaking this Clarity Ferm is only recommended for lower gravity beers.

But what about that truly pure gluten free kit? Well its been sitting there waiting for months BECAUSE…..

We had to malt the buckwheat grains ourselves. And let me tell you, it’s a bit of a time consuming thing. And I’ve never done any malting before. So now that I have been out of work for a couple weeks, I am going to FINALLY begin the process of brewing up this truly gluten free all organic pale ale kit. To clarify, it isn’t complicated or hard, but you do just gotta have a little bit of time.

So here is what day one (yesterday) looks like:


Pretty simple. Put the roughly 3lbs of buckwheat groats into a gallon jar, fill with filtered water. Done. For now. For 12 hours. But whoops…. forgot to change out the water last night, so hopefully I didn’t ruin it….. Changed out the water this AM – after about 18 hours instead of 12. I will change out the water once again tonight after another 12 hours.  Speaking of forgetting… I will tell you later (if I remember) about what I am currently experimenting with to hopefully improve my dreadful memory.

Summary of step 1: Soak your buckwheat for 48 hours (plus or minus 8 hours) changing water every 8-12 hours.

Join me again tomorrow for Day 3 and the next step – sprouting!



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