Don’t worry I won’t make this a habit. But I just have to rant a bit…

I went to buy the ingredients for this delicious recipe to use up egg whites.

Specifically I needed to get chocolate extract. Chocolate extract – seems simple enough? But of course I have become addicted to label reading/checking. I don’t even remember the last time I bought something without reading and obsessing over the ingredients (unless it was just simply something I KNEW was bad and was going to get it anyways).

And what was in EVERY single chocolate extract my local health food store carried?

wait for it…..

Agave syrup/nectar.

For those of you unfamiliar with the dark side to this “healthy” sweetener that is hitting the shelves of almost every supermarket today, this is a good read.

My favorite fact is this one:

The fructose in agave is not L-fructose which is the primary fructose molecule in fruit or honey. Rather, it is D-fructose which is a reverse isomer with reverse polarity to the small amounts of natural D-fructose found in fruits. Alarmingly, this means that the D-fructose in agave is not recognized by the human body as are natural forms of fructose that are used for energy utilization. Instead, the unnatural form of D-fructose in agave primarily raises triglyceride levels and increases adipose (fat) tissue.

Well guess what, I walked out without any chocolate extract. And you know what, the cookies turned out delicious without it! 🙂 Added just a bit of cinnamon for some extra flavor.

Are you a notorious label reader?