November 2012

The problem with modern orthodontics

This article speaks for itself…. as a follow up on my article Monday about teeth, I have been researching more and more information regarding braces and other dental appliances in an effort to help my sister discover her best possible route to dental health.

It is a very sobering article – especially if you have children, please read this!


Teeth, stress fractures, tooth powder, and more

I am sitting here on my couch on a RARE Monday morning that I actually am not having to race off at the crack of dawn (which is an hour earlier after this past weekend’s time change, can I get a hooray! from all the busy early risers out there?). And what am I thinking about as I drink my morning breakfast – a bulletproof coffee thick with grass fed butter and coconut oil – with just a hint of blackstrap molasses? Well don’t worry it is not about my coffee – though I will be sharing plenty of that on another day – but no it’s teeth.

Dental health. and most of all the nutrition and natural care required for it. Why?  It is something I have thought a lot about in the past couple of years but I am thinking about it today because of my dear older sister.  Yesterday when discussing her finally finally getting braces to correct gaps as well as still possessing baby teeth at THIRTY years old – I finally convinced her to switch to using tooth powder. Not “all natural” toothpaste, not flouride free toothpaste – no tooth powder. As a lover of the foamy clean feeling I had been unable to convince her to make the switch in the past. What was the breakthrough? My teeth!
I am the youngest of three daughters – my older sisters were born a mere year and a half apart – and as any readers of Dr. Weston A. Price will no doubt appreciate – this spelled trouble for my middle sister who’s dental problems were in part described above. Not only that but due to a S.A.D. diet my oldest sister too had her share – in the form of very crooked teeth which were straightened as “normal” in her teen years by braces. Where did I get left in all this? Well I am 7 and 9 years younger than my sisters – and I definitely seem to have benefited from the long spacing as well as my mother’s improved diet during my sisters’ childhoods. Part of this time they lived in a rural area, often eating wild game, always fresh ground whole grains – everything homemade and from scratch – more by circumstance than choice. To this day my mother still has staunchly avoided all gross factory fats – always enjoying the delicious taste of good old fashioned butter. The catch? By the time I came along – well guess what? She was tired, living in suburbia, and gross commercial foods had become staples. Canned, frozen, microwaved, fast food. Loads of sugary breakfast cereals and tons of nutritionally void breads and desserts. The result? To this day I have not had braces – and I am happy with the straightness of my teeth, hooray!
But I had two root canals by the time I was 14. Along with multiple other fillings. When I was 19 I started having a series of health problems and began learning about traditional nutrition (thanks to my oldest sister) and began a slow process of changing my diet. But what about my teeth? Well I still had cavities and lots of tooth sensitivity to cold as well as, oddly enough and I never understood this, to sugar.  When I was almost 23 and I finally dragged myself to the dentist after a life long fear (induced by crummy dentists as well as a high tolerance to numbing medications and way too much dental work). I had one small cavity that needed filling – and two infected root canal treated teeth. One of which turned out it’s roots reached into my sinuses – a cause of all the sinus problems I’d been having perhaps? That I don’t know. But so I went in and had these two teeth (as well as four impacted wisdom teeth) removed.  What else did I learn at the dentist at that time however?

I had some pretty bad stress fractures in my front top teeth. When I got home and told this to my husband – he was like “well duh, I could have told you that.” They were obvious, and admittedly I had just been trying to not think about those ominous lines on my front teeth. They were not the “you’re teeth are about to break in half” kind. But definitely of concern if they were to get much worse. What was I going to do about it? I had no idea. So now we are too the main point of this story! I had tried using baking soda instead of toothpaste off and on in the past – it really works wonders for whitening!  But had always ended up going back to the $1 “all natural” fluoride free toothpaste. A lot because my husband was unconvinced to try anything but a standard old toothpaste – he was addicted to the whitening, plaque removing, foamy, sweet and minty commercial toothpastes. And I never wanted to spend the $5-10 on a tiny thing of tooth powder that I knew was the only way he would try it – let’s face it, baking soda tastes gross. But one day maybe a year ago – I did. And I got my husband to try it. He has never looked back, and neither have I.
I had known that powders were better because it allows all the minerals in my mineral rich diet and water to absorb into my teeth and make them strong – but just last week after 2 years I suddenly was like “hey, I wonder how my stress fractures are doing?” and they were gone.




Now I don’t know how long it took of consistent no toothpaste use for this to happen – because I wasn’t looking for it. It could have been a couple months – it could have been almost this entire 2 years. But what I do know – is that it happened.  And now my sister is convinced and was headed out to buy tooth powder.
For those of you who are addicted to a strong minty flavor and some foaminess – I can recommend “EcoDent Daily Care Tooth Powder” It is strong and minty and gets just a little bit of a foam going to satisfy a toothpaste addict during the transition. I still enjoy an occasional baking powder scrub for that nice whitening affect.
The other thing she is going to try? Oil pulling with coconut oil – but that is a story for another day, because I do still have to go to work. But spoiler alert – it seriously helped with my cold and sugar teeth sensitivities….

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